Condominium with Sex Orientation

Perhaps, Japan is the only country that offers a condominium construction package that has a sex orientation of resident.

Polus Grand Tec, a subsidiary of Polus Group – a mid-size contractor specialized in house and condominium, offers condominium construction packages for land owners. One of the series is titled Racconto and this particular package is eyeing for female renters in their 30s and 40s.

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What is so female about it? Each unit has a so-called the company’s self-defined female oriented concepts and floor plans are derived from them.

The first – Beauty. The unit is equipped with a sizable walk in closet to accommodate dresses, et al., and an expansive bathroom – with a mist sauna function and waterproof sound system.


The second – Friends. This unit is equipped with an expansive kitchen unit – allowing a resident to invite “friends” to show off what she has to offer.


The third – Active. The unit is for a sports enthusiast and an allocation of dirt floor allows storing bicycle, surf board, etc.


The fourth – Studio. The unit has a rather expansive living space –  allowing a resident to practice yoga or whatever the practice she can conduct in the space.


And as in general – the design has a concept of French Riviera – supposedly attract female.


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