Suburb Tokyo Real Estate (House) for Sale: Seijo

Suburb Tokyo Real Estate

Seijo (成城) is not widely known address to non-Japanese. But as a property seeker in Tokyo, this address is something that is worth knowing. Seijo carries a brand of “good and posh neighborhood”. This is attributed with a fact that many houses retain large area of plot and thus, residents tend to be relatively high net worth individuals.

The township is located 20 minutes away from Shinjuku Station by train or 13km to the southwest – a perfect suburb set up. In some way, Seijio is synonymous to Westchester County in New York City, Mid-Levels in Hong Kong, and Holland Hill in Singapore.)

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This particular house, an expansive 4 bedroom 144.45SQM unit with a price tag of JPY 126,400,000 (USD 1.06 million), is a good example of Seijo property. Pricey in Tokyo standard, yet the unit contains many high grade features.

Suburb Tokyo Real Estate

1. Garage

With an extra work space – just like the one in the US.



2. Roof terrace

For small outdoor gathering.


3. Loft space

Unit is 3 story high – allowing to maintain high ceiling (3.8m) on the living room plus loft space.


The unit is called Deuxfle base Seijo and 14 units of houses were developed and completed in August 2014. The unit of interest is the last unit available on the market. It is Located 10 minutes walk from Seijo Station.

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(All images from the developer’s website)