Live like a Japanese. Travel like a Japanese – Tap into Japan’s Undiscovered Treasures with EDGY LUXE, a Premier Japan Concierge Service
EDGY LUXE is a new service from Japan that provide accesses to Japan’s untapped resources from wealth management and life management perspectives for non-Japanese individuals.
Currently, EDGY LUXE provides services on 3 domains.
Real Estate
Japan Property – Secure and Good Investment Return
Japan property investment can be summed up with 3 keywords. Lower priced, good investment return, and secure/stable investment.
Tokyo is known for one of the world’s major cities and yet, its property prices are much lower than other equivalent cities like New York City, London, Hong Kong, and Singapore. The investment return (income gain) of Tokyo property is known for high – yielding 5.5-7.5% in gross.
As your wealth management advisor, EDGY LUXE consults and sources ideal property for your new investment portfolio.
Your Personal and Creative Travel Concierge
EDGY LUXE acts as a Japan travel consultant to design and cater a personalized trip to each individual party. When design a trip, our characteristic is that it seeks for the best experience possible – our consultant is a foodie, party goers, and seekers of new  introduction to the city – allowing formulate new essence of discovery from Japan.
We also cater wedding, honeymoon, ski trips to cater specific needs.
Live and study.
Japan is known for a home of amazing schools. Science, design, art, fashion, engineering – you name the discipline – there is always an edgy and unique academic opportunity for you.
EDGY LUXE consults and coordinates Japan academic study opportunity – learning in Japan never became this easy.