Your Second Home: Buying a House in OKinawa

5 bedroom house with 173.66SQM gross floor area for JPY 70,000,000 or USD 588,000. The location – Okinawa, one of the hottest tourist destinations in Japan. Okinawa is consider to be tropical paradise in Japan, and just like Hawaii, this is where everyone wants to go during summer. Buying a House in OKinawa is indeed, one of the dream of many retired Japanese.

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The property of interest is located in Yonabaru Town, 14km east of Naha International Airport. The area is a newly developed zone, designated for residence and some commercial complexes. Each plot is quite expansive – this property comes with a land area of 388.25SQM – providing a massive garden in the building’s surrounding.

A white sand beach, Kira Kira Beach, and parks are available in the walking distance. It is an ideal location for Okinawa’s long term holiday house.

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(Images: Okinawa Prefecture)