Booming Development: Under an Elevated Railway Space Development

Tokyo is known for accommodating a numerous number of train lines. It means a lot of “area under an elevated railway” are left unused.

In the past, the utilization of this space was mainly F&B and this is frequently seen in around Tokyo Station area.

restaurants under an elevated railway

In the recent years, some of the developers and train companies are becoming more creative – creating more design-conscious spaces.

Asagaya Anime Street is calling itself as “A hub of Anime enthusiasts”. The street, located between JR Chuo Line’s Koenji Station and Asagaya Station, hosts 16 anime related stores.


2k540 – located between JR Akihabara Station and Okachimachi Station – 2k540 acts as a hub of craftsmanship – accommodating handicraft shops, workshops, and seminars.