Internationally-Alluring Development in Tokyo

Development in Tokyo

2020 is a monumental year for Tokyo. Hosting the Summer Olympic Games being the major one and perhaps, the second major occasion will be a grand opening of a new station at Yamonote Line – the most prominent train line in Tokyo.

The station, tentatively called Shin (new)-Shinagawa Station will be allocated between Shinagawa Station (major termina station and also shinkansen stop) and Tamachi Station. In Japan, an allocation of a new station leads to a mass development of the area. This will be one of the biggest development in Tokyo in the past years.

The station will be located 0.9km north of Shinagawa Station and 1.3km south of Tamachi Station. A vertically stretched area (shown on the map) is a designated redevelopment land with a total area of approximately 130,000 SQM. Multi-facilities, including hotel, residence, office, commercial facility are expected to be built.

What is so unique about this development is its distance from transportation hubs. The station will be a stop away from Shinagawa Station, a major terminal station with Shinkansen (bullet train), and it is merely 15-20 minutes away from Tokyo International Airport, Haneda (HND). The City of Tokyo is leveraging this location benefit and promoting non-Japanese entities to allocate their headquarters to this area with tax incentives.