Osaka Property Market Study – The Kitahama Tower

Just like Los Angeles Vs. New York City – a rivalry between two major cities in the same country exists in many parts of the world. So does Japan. Tokyo, the capital and the most populous city of Japan, hails people with Tokyo Sky Tree – the tallest structure in Japan with 634m. Its arch-rival, Osaka welcomes people with the tallest commercial building (Abeno Harukas – 300m) and one more – the tallest residential building – The Kitahama Tower.

The Kitahama Tower is 209m tall-54 story building with 465 units. Located 2.3 km southeast of Umeda/Osaka Station and a few blocks away from Nakanoshima Isle, the tower retains the best of convenience and aquatic beauty.

Let’s take a look at this signature building as an example of Osaka property market. How much does it cost to own this signature property, and how does the return of investment work?


The Kitahama Tower

  • Built in 2009
  • 54 story-single tower
  • 465 units
  • Residential unit begins from the 12th floor to 54th floor
  • Shopping mall and public facility of the apartment are located on the 1st to 11th floor
  • Tallest residential building in Japan
  • 1 minutes walk from Kitahama Station (directly connected)

It turns out, its annual gross yield is in a range of 5.4% to 6.3% – relatively higher yield than the similar scale complex in Tokyo.

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Current listing – as of February 24 2015

Area/SQM Floor Bed Price/JPY Area/SQM Floor Bed Price/JPY %
55.25 25 1 49,100,000 55.28 25 1 220,000 5.4
73.38 28 2 57,500,000 70.12 24 1 300,000 6.3
78.44 24 2 59,830,000 78.44 19 3 280,000 5.6

 osaka property market

osaka property market