What Property You Can Buy with USD 100,000 in Osaka

Osaka Property

Market Data shows a trend on the pricing of properties. But what can you actually buy? Find out what property you can buy with USD 100,000 in Osaka. This time, the article features the Central Osaka Area – Fukushina. Fukushima is located one stop away from Osaka Central Station / Umeda Station – a hub of Osaka in business and commercial. (In fact, Fukushima is walkable from Osaka/Umeda area – about 15 minutes.) Because of this unique location – in the middle of city yet slightly laid back – it has developed a number of nice casual restaurants that are open until the wee hours to attract the needs of young residents.

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1. Eslead Fukushima-ekimae II: USD124,300  / JPY 14,800,000

27.00 SQM+4.66 SQM balcony / Studio / 10F (12F) / Built in 2006


Osaka Property


Eslead Fukushima II is located 2 minutes away from Japan Railway Fukushima Station – in fact, the property is located on Osaka Station side -1.2 km away – allowing a resident to “walk to commute” to the area.

As of February 2015, the same sized unit on the 9th floor rents out for USD 651 / JPY 77,500. (including JPY 9,500 management fee that a renter pays to cover the cost – for this particular unit – a renter bears 100% of management fee.)

Monthly management fee: USD 80 / JPY 9,500
Monthly reserve fund for building repair: USD 39 / JPY 4,700

大阪府大阪市福島区 福島(大阪)駅 1K 27㎡ 9階の間取り

property Osaka

2. Domeal Dojima: USD 124,300 / JPY 14,800,000 

45.90 SQM+6.48 SQM balcony / 1 bedroom / 2F (11F) / Built in 1974



Osaka Property

Domeal Dojima looks slightly tired from its exterior but this particular unit went through a rigorous flipping – new kitchen unit, new floor, new toilet, et al. The property is located 3 minutes walk from Fukushima Station and 1.3 km away from Osaka Station area.

As of February 2015, this unit rents out for USD 739 / JPY 88,000. (including JPY 10,000 management fee that a renter pays to cover the cost. – *It seems that there is a discrepancy here – the actual management cost is JPY 9,600, but this particular owner is charging JPY 10,000 for the same fee.)

Monthly management fee: USD 81 / JPY 9,600
Monthly reserve fund for building repair: USD 67 / JPY 8,000



property Osaka

Exchange rate: As of February 23, 2015.


Photo: Google Map