Property Price Japan: April 2015 – Consistent Growth on Tokyo’s Studio Condo

property price japan

In April 2015, Tokyo’s studio condominium showed consistent growth, while Osaka showed a sign of no changes.

Tokyo’s studio/1 bedroom condominium has been on rise for the past 3 months with +2.52% (February 1 2015: JPY 16,932,100 –> May 1 2015: JPY 17,358,100). 2/3/4 bedroom has been on rise but with a lesser extent.

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Osaka’s figures are consistent  from the March figure. In March, Osaka’s studio/1bedroom apartment sales figure took a huge dip with -22% (March 1 2015: JPY 11,883,200 –> May 1, 2015: JPY 9,595,600)

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