More Multiple Entry Visa to Japan is Available to Chinese Citizens

visa to Japan

The Japanese government committed that it will relax conditions for a multiple entry visa to Japan for Chinese citizens.

Yoshihide Suga, Chief Cabinet Secretary made a remark on December 28, and the relaxation will be implemented from January 2015.

“Compared from 2 years ago, 5 million more non-Japanese tourists visited Japan, and their spending in Japan is expected to reach more than JPY 1 trillion. With this new measure, these figures will surge further.” Suga said.

Currently, a 3 year multiple entry visa for Chinese tourists is available to wealthy individuals, with a condition that the visitors make a visit to either Okinawa, Miyagi, Fukushima or Iwate on theie first trip to activate the visa. The new regulation will relax some of the current requirements for visa acquisition.

Each entry allows a visitor to stay up to 90 days in Japan.