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Tokyo is signified with “abundance in 360 degrees” – streets filed with shops, cultural offers, and most importantly – business activities. The city retains a good balance of cultural and commercial offers and it is no surprise that Tokyo was ranked #2 on Monocle magazine’s 2014 Quality of Life Survey.

Since the government incepted the Japan Tourism Agency in 2008, an influx of non-Japanese tourist surged – attracting many Asian tourists that are hungry for what Tokyo has to offer. This tendency is also reflecting to real estate market. There is a gradual hike in Hong Kongner and Taiwanese investors, snapping deals on Tokyo’s properties. Depreciation of yen and a stable return of investment (usually 4% net for a studio apartment with s consistent renters) in the central Tokyo is a source of their allures.

Tokyo’s extensive and reliable public transportation system allows people to get by without a car.

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