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No other county is similar to Japan – the country is filled with materialistic allures and cultural and culinary offerings. Because of relaxation of tourist visa requirements and the government effort to promote the tourism – the number of Japan visitor is increasing. (2014 recorded more than 13 million tourists from overseas.)

To live in Japan will be challenging if you do not prepare for it, I bet you have heard of all the crazy habits  ( I mean at least for foreigner) they have in there but they are all culture they have built over the history just like other countries. Once you understand them, you will appreciate all the things they do and you will be enjoy them fully.

The country is known to be very safe and efficiency in infrastructure are one of the Japan’s biggest assents. Plus, thanks to a depreciation of yen, a property price in Japan is much cheaper than other major cities like Hong Kong, New York City, and Singapore.

Unless a drastic immigration policy is implemented, the population is expected to decline, but the population of one of the center cities of Tokyo -Chuo, Chiyoda, Minato – are expected to increase.

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