Japan Apartment Rent Prices Index For 2014Q4

Apartment rent price in Tokyo showed a moderate increase over the past year, while the Osaka’s figure stayed consistent with the year before.

At Home and Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Research Institute jointly produced a quarterly rental index for major cities of Japan – citing 2009 Q1 figure as a benchmark. (100).

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2014 Q4 figures are as follows.

2009 Q1 = 100 2014 Q4 Relative t0 2014 Q3 Relative t0 2013 Q4 Relative t0 2012 Q4
Inner Tokyo(23 Ward) 100.92 -0.07 2.35 4.55
Outer Tokyo(16 shi/city) 96.10 0.15 1.07 0.95
Inner Osaka 104.93 0.61 0.00 -2.53

Activities from 2009Q1 – ever since the index was incepted, Tokyo saw a consistent decline of the index (below 100). It was only 2014 Q1 when the index for Inner Tokyo reached above 100. The greater Tokyo’s figure has been stagnant  – now showing any sign of recovery.

Japan Apartment Rent Prices Index

(Graph from the press release)

The inner Osaka’s index has been consistent over the 5 years. But the greater Osaka’s figure remains below 100 for the last 5 years.

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Japan Apartment Rent Prices Index

 (Graph from the press release)

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