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  • tokyo housing market

    Trend Watch: Tokyo’s Housing Market and Population Rise

    If buying property in Tokyo for an investment - the city’s population trend/forecast and its relation to housing market are something that should be treated as a part of core interest for an investor. As a matter of fact - it seems Tokyo’s population projection, as well as the supply seems quite promising.
  • Tokyo Condos Rental Price on Rise

    A good news for a home owner in the central Tokyo - statistics shows that the central Tokyo's average rental price has bottomed out in 2013 and it witnessed a gradual growth in 2014.
  • Japan Real Estate Market

    Japan Real Estate Market Peaks Out in 2016-17

    A survey to real estate professionals in Japan revealed that Japanese real estate market will peak out in 2016-2017.
  • Haunted and Ripped House in Melbourne for over AUD 1 Million

    A haunted house with a freakily green painted wall (as shown above image) was sold for AUD 1.5 million in Melbourne. 11.4% of residential sales in Melbourne in 2014 (as of December 2014) broke AUD 1 million barrier - up from the 2013 figure of 9%.
  • Where to Buy Property in Japan? (Tokyo/Osaka)

    Japan's population is declining - how does it affect to the real estate market in Japan? The bottom line - buy in the center.
  • Is Owning an Condo in Tokyo Expensive?

    Tokyo has been known for its priciness. But thanks to a depreciation of yen and other factors - this analogy is no longer legitimate.