6.2m Ceiling Top-Floor Duplex condo in Tokyo for USD 1.4M

condo in Tokyo

Back in the last century, Toyosu, a reclaimed land of Tokyo, was known for 2 facts.

1) The very first 7-11 convenience store opened in Japan in 1974.

2) Quiet industry area of Tokyo.

Nowadays, Toyosu is known for numbers of high-rise residential complexes. (Plus, the world’s largest fish market, Tsukiji Fish Market is to relocate to this area in 2016.) A proximity to the central Tokyo (5km away from Tokyo Station and Ginza shopping district), relatively cheap pricing from the inner Tokyo (Akasaka, Aoyama, Ginza), and uninterrupted bay view were one of the momentums to this mass-construction.

City Towers Toyosu the Twin, 48 story twin towers that houses 1,063 units, is offering the penthouse unit for sale.

A penthouse of the condo in Tokyo, situated on the 47F and 48F with a total area of 133.74 SQM (2 bedroom) is offered at JPY 173,748,000. (USD 1.4M). The view from the unit seems quite spectacular.


Floor plan – 1 J is 1.62 SQM  (City Towers Toyosu the Twin)

6.2m-ceiling-apartment-1Computer generated image of the living room (City Towers Toyosu the Twin)