日本首相的府邸 House of prime minister

Unlike the predecessors, the current prime minister of Japan, Shinzo Abe resides at a privately-owned condominium in Tomigaya, Tokyo.

The prime minster of Japan is given 2 quarters – one being the Official Residence (kantei), where his duties are conducted, and the other being the Residential Quarter (kotei), a primary residence for living. These two building are located right next to each other (and connected) in Nagatacho, the Capitol of Japan.

Ever since Mr. Abe was sworn as the 96th prime minster of Japan, he has been commuting from his mother-owned condominium with a reason quote, “I can rest better here.”

The house of prime minister, is named Tomigaya Heim (built in 1999) and it is located in a quiet neighborhood of between Shibuya and Shijnjuku. From the residence, it is 15 minutes drive to the diet building.

Mr. Abe resides in a duplex unit with 498.32SQM.

prime minister of japan residence

(Prime Minister of Japan Residence: Photo from Mr. Abe’s Facebook page)

Interestingly, the same floor unit is now available for rent. It is 152.06SQM, 3 bedroom unit with an offering price of JPY 580,000 (USD 4,870)/month.

prime minister of japan residence

(Photo from  Wins Promotion)